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Audio Architecture.

Game Sound Design,

Original Composition,

Post-Production Editing,

3D Surround Mixing,

Every sound, custom built.

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...and I build the audio.

If over 10 years of experience in sound production has taught me anything, it’s that every project is unique and special. Yours is too! It deserves originality and quality audio.

Great sound goes unnoticed. You notice when it’s “off,” and when it’s flawless you will often never notice it. Film makers refer to this when “you feel completely absorbed into the scene” and game designers call it “immersion.” It’s all the same thing; and it’s my goal. It is my priority to record, compose, design, implement, and/or mix a seamless and unique soundscape for your project needs, and if appropriate, a perfectly unnoticeable end product.

I am a trained and certified Recording & Mixing Engineer, Composer, Sound Designer, and Live Sound Technician. Currently I work primarily in ProTools and Logic Pro, and for game audio projects – UDK and Unity. I am familiar in Wwise and Fmod for projects utilizing Audio Middleware. I use all manner of mics for recording, everything from studio standards to live sound to field mics, including custom pieces I’ve put together through the years.

I’ve earned my BA from the University of North Texas in 2010, my Audio Engineering diploma from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in 2011, and was previously employed at the world-renowned recording facility Fantasy Studios, in Berkeley, CA. I currently reside in the Austin, TX area and work on frequent remote projects from all over the world.

If you’d like more info on my previous work, client list, gear specs… You name it! The contact box below will get us in touch. Thanks for visiting!

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In the meantime, there’s some previous projects I recorded and mixed with links and media in some of the old Blog posts below.  Just scroll on down there…